Important Things to Know About UX Design

UX design

UX design (user experience) is what experienced users will be obtained after interacting with the system. This can be a website, application, software, and anything. Better uses, and desires will be given to users when making interactions with products.

No matter how sophisticated the features you provide to your visitors on the website or application, until and unless you can’t give them a better user experience. Everything is useless. That means along with interesting features and designs, UX is just as important.

It is undeniable, that the design process is very challenging and does not occur overnight. Whether it’s a special logo design, poster design, business card design, web design, UX design, and whatever. There are many things that must be taken care of. So, this article will discuss things that need to be known about UX design.

The Difference between UI and UX

Difference between UI and UX

UI and UX are sometimes used alternately but have significant differences. First, the UI is about visual design while UX is about interaction with design.

Second, UI includes design elements such as colors, fonts, and more but UX is about Wireframes and prototypes. If the UI needs to consider the layout, UX includes user research. Therefore, this is how UI and UX are both different but still, designers cannot ignore them while making any system design.

# 1. All pages must be Easily Accessible

One of the main things of the UX design. No matter how many pages you have on the website, all of them must be easily accessible.

Users must be able to reach any page in just a few clicks, the fundamentals are fully wrong. Not all information needs to be seen by all users. There is no need that your visitors to reach the right page in just 3 clicks. All users have their own requirements for why they come to the website.

For example, not all users want to go to the contact page. So, it is necessary to make it a highlight and can be reached with just a few clicks. Therefore, understanding requests and making your UX design accordingly.

# 2. You are not an Audience

Another very important thing to remember by designers when making UX designs for any system. Designers need to think of a customer’s point of view about what they want and make it accordingly.

Often designers consider what users might like and make it with their imagination but end up with a failed design. Users that you will get may have a different mindset, backgrounds, and expectations and if you have designed the opposite of it, it will lose your customers.

A design with assumptions will never work, more precisely designers must go through testing. This gives you a clear idea about what will be the best choice.

# 3. Adapting to the Span of Attention

Attention span is the time that users might spend in parts without interruption. That’s the reason you don’t have to flood your users with a lot of information.

It is the responsibility of the designer to make it in such a way that users get the information needed and look aesthetically too. Basically, according to research, the human attention span is 8 seconds. That means visitors will not focus more than that in one place.

So, delete information or unnecessary elements to make it simple. Stick on the most important element. Thus, consider this important part when making UX design.

# 4. Simple Only

One of the main things that must be remembered by every designer. Simplicity is something that must be tried by every designer adopting design.

Sometimes, to make it interesting and creative, designers are too often using design elements. However, the fact is that it should not be a solution at all. For example, designers use too often colors, fonts, and many elements like that and end up with a complex design. These types of UX blunders will damage our design completely.

You may have observed many popular company websites, they also followed the approach to making it simple. Therefore, the UX design must be clear and simple.

# 5. Create a Prototype

The prototype is nothing but a rough idea of ​​what you will design. Very necessary whether you make it for a big or small project.

This is a model that you will apply further. You can make changes needed on the prototype before the final result. So, don’t ignore this vital step in the UX design process.


It is undeniable, that design is something that allows you to attract more attention from people. And that’s the reason you don’t want to be compromised with it in terms of anything. The mentioned above allows you to understand something about the UX design that can help you when creating a design for any system.